Ireland Travel Inspiration: 29 Times “Leap Year” was Your Favorite Movie

Looking for some Ireland travel inspiration?

For amazing Ireland travel inspiration, look no further than the 2010 CLASSIC Leap Year.

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Starring Amy Adams, the film is filled with so much Irish inspo that we suspect it’s all a ploy of the Irish Tourism Board.  Here are 29 times that Leap Year was your all-time favorite movie (aka 29 reasons to head over to the Emerald Isle ASAP, no matter the year):

  1.  When Amy Adams’ boyfriend bought her EAR RINGS when she thought he was gonna propose, so she had to go to Ireland to do it herself.

leap year proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration

2. When her flight gets rerouted and she was all of us at the airport trying to deal with sassy airline employees.Ireland Travel Inspiration3. When she finally got to a hotel and completely wrecked it. leap year proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration4. But the innkeeper was a hot AF Irishman so it didn’t matter (Niall Horan WHO?)Ireland Travel Inspiration

5. When we got these gorgeous views of Irish countryside.leap year proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration6. Seriously LOOK AT IT. These cliffs might be better looking than the innkeeper.leap year proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration7. When the cute innkeeper agreed to take her to Dublin to find her boo and you kneeew someone was gonna catch feelings.leap year proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration8. When their trip seemed to be going alright, but they ran into some cows who just wouldn’t mooooove.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration9. When even their car couldn’t take the romantic tension…Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration

10. …and had to make a quick exit.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration11. It literally had to take a cold shower to gain some chill.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration12.  When her stuff got stolen by a van full of angry leprechauns. “See you never” – them, probably.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration13. But then the hot innkeeper got it back for her, but got punched in the face like three times. How ~*chivalrous*~Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration14. When Amy Adams was just in a bar fight but her hair was still on fleek.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration15. And then she and her new boo decided to visit a castle.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration16. and ~*bonded*~Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration17. and you just knew something was going on while they stared at this view.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration18. But then they missed their train so they had to stay at a B&BLeap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration19. and pretend to be married ~*Mr. and Mrs. O’Brady Callaghan*~.Ireland Travel InspirationLeap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration20. When we got to see the hot innkeeper’s side abs.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration21. When they cooked dinner together and you knew that wasn’t the only thing ~*brewing*~Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration22. When they had to kiss at dinner to trick their hosts but you knew it was the real deal.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration23. and looked adorbs sharing a bedLeap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration24. When they woke up looking like a legit couple and you died from the cutenessLeap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration25. When they crashed a wedding.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration26. Hello yes, where can I book this wedding venue?Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration27. When Amy was home in Boston and finally figured out her boyfriend wasn’t ~*the one*~Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration28. So she went back to Ireland and we got more gourg scenery shots.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration29. WHEN HE PROPOSED AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.Leap Year Proposal Ireland Travel Inspiration

Looking for more Ireland travel inspiration? Why not head there and see for yourself!

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  1. Kerry
    February 29, 2016 / 9:50 AM

    #21 is my favorite.
    ” ~*brewing*~”


  2. February 29, 2016 / 1:50 PM

    So…I was watching The Wedding Date on Netflix and then stumbled upon Leap Year when I was searching for more of Amy Adams movie. Totally chick flick worthy movie!

    • February 29, 2016 / 3:44 PM

      I’m so glad you found it! Isn’t it the cutest ever?

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