Looking for things to do in Rapid City South Dakota? The tourism capital of the Mount Rushmore State is a great place to base yourself while you are exploring the nearby natural and historical wonders.

While Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Badlands are the main draw of the area, there’s still plenty to do and see around Rapid City instead of staying shut up in your hotel room after a long day of exploring.

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Berlin Wall Memorial Dinosaur Park Presidents

The view from Dinosaur Park.

Here Are Three Fun Things To Do in Rapid City South Dakota

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Rapid City Dinosaur Park

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Dinosaur Park

Some “love” at Dinosaur Park.


940 Skyline Dr.
Rapid CitySD 57701

Rapid City Dinosaur Park has been open to the public since 1936! Although the draw these days are the life-size sculptures of Little Foot and his friends, the park was actually built where real fossils were found from the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous periods!

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Dinosaur Park

Just riding a Stegosaurus nbd.

Real life dinosaur footprints have also been found in the area. Thinking about how these majestic beasts could have actually been walking where you are walking so long ago makes climbing on the models a lot more fun.

Berlin Wall Exhibit in Memorial Park

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Berlin Wall Memorial

On the way to see the Berlin Wall Memorial.


444 Mt. Rushmore Rd. N
Rapid City, SD

My sister and I actually stumbled on the Berlin Wall Exhibit on accident. We were on a walk in Memorial Park, saw it in the distance, and ventured over. It’s very easy to find as Memorial Park runs along Rapid Creek through the heart of Downtown Rapid City. The exhibit is actually one of the largest on Berlin in North America!

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Berlin Wall Memorial

A piece of the wall in South Dakota.

South Dakota Tourism prides itself on preserving freedom, hence Mount Rushmore and the Minutemen Missiles. With this in mind, information about the reunification of Germany doesn’t seem so out of place.

It’s a quick stop, as it should only take about 15 minutes to take it all in, but it’s worth it.

City of Presidents — Downtown Rapid City

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Presidents Sculptures

Guess who? (FDR, DUH!)


Downtown Rapid City on St. Joseph Street and Main Street between 4th Street and 9th Street.

This was one of my favorite things to do in Rapid City South Dakota! There are life-size bronze statues for presidents 1-43 scattered throughout downtown Rapid City.

Since trivia is my strong suit, my sister and I made a game out of it. She’d cover the name and I’d have to guess the president based on his face and what was with him, like a tophat, legbraces, or microphone.

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Presidents Sculptures

Bill Clinton, the president when I was born.

She was able to guess the likes of Bill Clinton and George Washington, while I even got the tougher ones, like Taft. Jeopardy here I come!

Obama and Trump haven’t been added yet, but since each sculpture is individually commissioned and crafted, I’m sure their renditions will be worth the wait.

things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Presidents Sculptures

We made sure to get a photo with each Texan president!

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things to do in Rapid city South Dakota Presidents Sculptures


After spending the morning admiring the boys set in stone, you might be wondering about other things to do near Mount Rushmore. The Black Hills and surrounding areas are filled with fun things to see and do. Sure, you can get your fill of kitschy tourist traps, but there’s a reason all those places are there — the natural and historical wonders. You don’t want to miss out!

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7 Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore

I visited all 7 of these attractions during my trip to Mount Rushmore and can personally attest to how fun (and accessible!) they all are.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Crazy Horse

Cost: $12 per person OR $30 for cars with 3+ people

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 16 miles / 28 minutes

Crazy Horse: the privately held answer to Mount Rushmore’s public offering. The folks who run Crazy Horse are proud to have never accepted any federal tax dollars for their work. It’s probably why the sculpture, began in 1948, is far from finished.

Admission also includes attractions like the Indian Museum of North America, the Mountain Carving Room, and the Native American Educational and Cultural Center, so visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the Lakota tribe, the culture of Native Americans as whole, and the history behind the monument. It one of the coolest things to do near Mount Rushmore, as many guests do both in one day.

Badlands National Park

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Badlands

Cost: $20 per vehicle — valid for 7 days.

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 84 miles / 1 hour 30 minutes

Aside from the many bad pun opportunities (see what I did there y’all), Badlands National Park boats cute little gophers, mind blowing rock formations, and one of the world’s richest fossil beds! While visiting, you can go for a hike up into the heart of the Badlands Formations or across flatter stretches of land to peer into the canyons below.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Minutemen Missiles

Cost: Guided tour $6 for adults / $4 for children — reserve in advance.

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 97 miles / 1 hour 36 minutes

“Hours of boredom punctuated by seconds of sheer panic,” is how our tour guide described the lives of the soldiers working on the missile silos.

During the Cold War, America’s missile stockpile was not locked in a vault in Washington, but rather sprinkled throughout the Great Plains, hiding in plain sight (I’m really on a role with the puns today, y’all). The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is one of the best things to do near Mount Rushmore because of the special look you get into the every day “fighting” of the Cold War.

Devils Tower National Monument

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Devils Tower

Cost:$20 per vehicle — valid for 7 days.

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 130 miles / 2 hours 13 minutes

Devils Tower likes to stand out. Not only does it rise in dramatic opposition to its surrounding topography, but it was also the very first United States Monument, ever. Teddy Roosevelt did the honors in 1906.

While many visitors (myself included), choose to simply wander around the base of Devil’s Tower and admire its ridged edges (given to it by a giant bear as he scampered up the side, legend has it), about 1% of the 400,000 annual tourists decide to make the arduous climb to the very top, just like the bear.

Will you be one of them?

Reptile Gardens

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Reptile Gardens Rapid city

Cost: Varies based on season and age from $7 – $10 for kids and $10 – $18 for adults.

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 16 miles / 24 minutes

My sister and I actually only went to the Reptile Gardens because our flight out of Rapid City was delayed and we had two hours to kill, but they turned out to be two of the most fun hours of our trip! The Gardens has it all — snakes, turtles, crocodiles, birds, and more! We went to the snake show and actually has a blast learning about all the different kinds of snakes and their abilities.

I personally hate snakes, but will say I felt rather impressed by the employee who gave the snake show, as she handled and spoke to the reptiles in much the same way you might act towards a puppy you adore. Her job was obviously a great fit for her.

Wall Drug General Store

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Wall Drug

Cost: Free to explore — various prices for food and souvenirs

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 76 miles / 1 hour 20 minutes

Famous for its free ice water (not as appealing when my sister and I visited during a chilly March), Wall Drug is the quintessential South Dakota Road Trip stop and one of the best things to do near Mount Rushmore simply because of its donuts.

Yes, it might try to lure travelers off of I-90 with promises of ice cold refreshment, the real kicker is the cake-y deliciousness of the donuts made fresh every day in house. I’ve never had anything like them!

Jewel Cave National Park

Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore Jewel Cave

Cost: $12 for basic tour — tends to sell out

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 32 miles / 46 minutes

Jewel Cave National Park is awesome because there are rocks inside side it that look like massive strands of bacon. Not even joking around, y’all. I left the tour starving.

The Park Ranger who gave us our tour looked suspiciously like Chief Hopper (from Stranger Things for those of you who live under a rock…omg another great pun…cause we were in a cave….get it, y’all) and although the tour is underground, it’s not an actual spelunking expedition. There’s plenty of room inside the cave and you walk on railed pathways, so there’s no need to worry about feeling trapped.

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Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore



Wondering which Mount Rushmore movie scene to reenact during your vacation in the Black Hills?

With rumors of a Mount Rushmore secret room and the monument being used as a coverup for government conspiracies swirling about pop culture, it’s hard not to get swept up in the theatrics of it all.

But it’s not hard to imagine why the creators of North by Northwest and National Treasure 2 picked Mount Rushmore as the backdrop for the most intense moments of their movies. I mean, just look at it.

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best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

So important. Much wow.

Mount Rushmore Movie Scene Movies filmed at Mount Rushmore

I made my sister pull over to take this picture.

North by Northwest Mount Rushmore Movie Scene

I took a film class focusing primarily on Hitchcock my senior year of college and North by Northwest was by far my favorite movie we studied. I loved the pace. I loved the hijinks. I loved the soundtrack (the iconic theme definitly made an appearance on my Instagram story the day of my visit).

I loved the film so much that I was disappointed that while visiting Mount Rushmore, I learned that the average visitor isn’t allowed up onto the cliff face. Apparently, only the people who work on cleaning the monument are allowed to do that…so my dream of reenacting this heroic Cary Grant stunt was crushed.

You can, however, have lunch in the Carver Cafè, home of the infamous North by Northwest surprise shooting scene. Although the cafè has been remodeled since it’s appearance in the movie, it still has the marvelous floor-to-ceiling windows which offer views of the Mount Rushmore that can’t be beat.

best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

The Carver Cafè dining room.

Mount Rushmore Movie Scene Movies filmed at Mount Rushmore

The same great view! Hasn’t changed since 1959.

National Treasure Mount Rushmore Movie Scene

I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence. Oh whoops, wrong movie! The much acclaimed (lols) sequel National Treasure 2 was also partially filmed around Mount Rushmore. There’s just something about big stone presidents carved into a mountain that screams “PUT ME IN YOUR MOVIE” I guess.

I was actually pretty excited about walking where Nicolas Cage walked. I mean, he’s the guy everyone loves to hate. The Nickelback of actors.

But once again, the film features people who definitly didn’t pay the $10 entrance fee just casually walking along the TOP of the monument, instead of the lovely walking paths down below. So I definitly didn’t get to walk where Nicholas Cage walked.

Such a disappointment.

My main goal in life is now to create something so culturally and politically important that I am one of the people who is allowed to climb up the faces of Mount Rushmore. Who knows, maybe this post will be that thing.

But I really doubt it!

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Mount Rushmore Movie Scene Movies filmed at Mount Rushmore


When’s the best time to visit Mount Rushmore?

Spring break! While spending the 4th of July (or any other part of your summer vacation) visiting Mount Rushmore might seem like the perfect, quintessential American vacation idea, the Black Hills tend to be hot and crowded all summer. Save yourself. Go in the spring.

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best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Queen of the World

The Best Time To Visit Mount Rushmore

Is a Mount Rushmore spring break excursion a good idea?

Short answer: Yes! Mount Rushmore is awesome during the off season. Book your tickets right now. Immediately.

Long answer: Yes, but there are some things to consider. Like the following…

best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

A completely empty viewing platform

Do you prefer having National Parks basically all to yourself?

The reason spring break is the best time to visit Mount Rushmore is because basically no one else is there. When my sister and I visited in March, we essentially had a private tour of the park and surrounding areas. This is a major plus because it meant

  • We didn’t wait in line for food.
best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Plenty of seats to choose from.

The food at Mount Rushmore is actually delicious! It’s called Carver’s Cafè and for reasonable prices (à la Chilis, etc.) you can get homestyle meals like chicken, meat loaf, green beans, roasted potatoes, etc.

The view of the monument from the cafe’s floor-to-ceiling window’s can’t be beat AND when visiting Mount Rushmore in the springtime, you don’t have to fight anyone for a table.

  • The Bathrooms were clean AF.
best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Hello, Mr. Presidents.

I would assume that Mount Rushmore is clean all year round, BUT there is something to be said to visiting when thousands of people aren’t using the bathrooms every single day. And, if I remember correctly, the restrooms were heated. Ideal.

  • We got the best parking spot. 
best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Where should we park?

While the Mount Rushmore Hours during the winter and spring are from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, when my sister and arrived at a little past 9:00 AM, it was still nearly completely empty. We paid the $10 for the annual parking pass and had our pick of the parking spots.

If you visit in the summer, especially near the 4th of July holiday, I imagine that parking would be way more competitive.

  • We got tourist-free photos.
best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Sunny day in March 🙂

This was probably the best part of our Mount Rushmore trip. While I wasn’t too big into nabbing the perfect Instagram at the time, it was still so nice to not have to fight our way to the front to take a photo of the monument, or deal with 27 other tourists plus their dog crashing our photos.

It was just me, my sister, and the Mount Rushmore presidents.

  • We got to take our time.
best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

Sister and Presidents.

I’m not sure how many people view South Dakota and the Mount Rushmore area as a top tourist destination, but it’s probably one of my favorite places that I’ve ever been, simply because of how relaxed it was. My sister and I got to wander around the grounds at our own pace.

The lack of crowds made it quiet and peaceful, so whether we wanted to sit down in the middle of the path and just stare at the mountain or skip down walkways at top speed gigging for our Instagram Stories, we had the freedom to do so.

We did both, just in case you were wondering.

Are you willing to be a little chilly?

best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

It was actually really hard to get up on that ledge!

The only “downside” I can think of for visiting Mount Rushmore for spring break is the weather. If you already live in the Northern USA, or are coming from another part of the world that actually has winter, then the temperatures in the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit will make you feel right at home.

Coming from Texas, the weather was colder than I was used to, but wrapped up in my down coat, I didn’t mind. You should also invest in these special gloves that allow you to use your smartphone without taking them off. Genius.

Mount Rushmore Recap:

best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

This goat was NOT friendly y’all

The best time to visit Mount Rushmore is for spring break (i.e. late February through early April).

Bring a sturdy coat.

Do not touch the mountain goats.

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best time to visit Mount Rushmore best time to visit mt rushmore

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item via these links (or in the same session) I get some cash money, at no extra cost to you. Thanks!


2017 in review. Wow. 2017 was a big year for me! I quit a job a hated. I quit a job I actually liked, but took too much time away from my writing. I started eating better. I stopped eating better. I went on a lot of trips.

In 2016, I paid off my student loans and explored the States in depth. In 2017, I went on my first solo trip abroad and almost died a few times. All in good fun!

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States visited: Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas.

Countries visited: USA, Costa Rica, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland.

Here’s how it went:

Went to Boston on a Week’s Notice to Surprise my College Bestie

friends in Boston

Friends in Boston. Brittney, the surprisee, is in the middle.

I started off the year by flying to Boston to surprise one of my best friends from college. I got some frantic texts from her sister the last week of December letting me know the entire squad was meeting up in Boston and could I come too? 

I don’t really make good financial choices, so I went! And boy, was she surprised.

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Witnessed a Historic Weekend in Washington DC

Unimpressed at the Inauguration

Unimpressed at the Inauguration

I went to an inaugural ball, Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington, AND got some free mimosas from the Hungarian embassy all over the course of one long weekend. It was wild and emotionally draining, but I’m glad I went.

See also: 

Hunted for Pancake, the 1st Puppy of Texas, in Austin

Texas House of Representatives

Looking for Pancake in the Texas House of Representatives

My brother in law graduated as a Texas State Trooper in February, so we all went to Austin for the ceremony. It was pretty cool. But I was more interested in finding Pancake, Governor Abbot’s dog. I didn’t find her.

See also: 

Failed at Finding Bluebonnets in Fredericksburg

bluebonnets texas hill country

The biggest cluster we could find.

Texas Bluebonnets are legends, so my mom and I went on a hunt for them over spring break. I had visions of twirling in a field brimming with tall blue flowers. I just knew my Instas were gonna be bangin. But I got the photo above instead. This part of my 2017 in review is a pretty great representation of my life, actually.  The Texas Hill Country is still pretty though, so I couldn’t be too mad.

Visited Chip and Jo in Waco

scared to travel alone first solo trip first time traveling alone

Enjoy a Cinnamon Roll courtesy of Joanna Gaines

I got my braces off on May 1st, so Waco was one of my favorite trips in 2017 because I could finally smile for photos with no more metal mouth. My mom, sister, and I went to Magnolia Market and the Dr. Pepper Museum — and managed not to join a cult in the process.

Caught up with my College Pals at my Mount Holyoke Reunion

mount holyoke college 2 year reunion

We want to recreate this photo at each reunion.

Mount Holyoke does a two year reunion so that you can come back and watch your “little sister” class graduate. Two years is actually the perfect amount of time for a college reunion because no one has actually accomplished anything yet, so there’s a lot of commiserating and not a lot of bragging. I left really looking forward to my 5 year.

Went Househunting in Newport

newport rhode island

The Breakers

I literally have no idea what I’m going to do if I don’t end up crazy rich later in life. Case in point: casually touring the likes of The Breakers and Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island and thinking, “Yeah. I can totally see myself here.” I mean, what’s a couple billion dollars to a hustler like me?

Got Bitten by an Iguana in Costa Rica

Iguana Hotel El faro

My little amigo who would later betray me

My trip to Costa Rica in May was a hot mess. I got bitten by an Iguana. My friend Smoky and I got lost in the rain (and not in a romantic way) more times that I care to admit. I saw a man peeing in the jungle. I somehow survived.

See also: 

Herded Children in Nashville

parthenon model nashville

Inside the Parthenon model in Nashville

Somehow I pass as an adult out there in the world and was placed in charge of the health and safety of a group of teenagers as we traveled from Houston to Nashville and back again for a week of service work in July. They all survived and I got to eat a lot of ice cream and visit the Grand Ole Opry, so I’d say it was a great trip.

Got Bedbugs (and had a blast!) in Europe

Sober at Oktoberfest Oktoberfest drinks other than beer Not drinking at Oktoberfest

Me and Smoky at Oktoberfest!

Y’all. My feet about fell off on my grand tour of Europe. I’m not exaggerating. My toes literally started to separate from my body. I also was the proud owner of 70+ bedbug bites and jet leg to beat the band. But I still had a blast! I promise. I braved my first international solo trip and crossed quite a view experiences off my bucket list.

See also: 

Got in a Bus Accident in San Antonio

2017 in review

My Texas-sized breakfast at the hotel that morning.

Just imagine your bus breaking down and waiting on the side of the road for two hours while looking after 50+ students. Then imagine getting sideswiped by a guy who fell asleep at the wheel about 90 seconds after you finally got to reboard the bus and having to get off again and wait another two hours in the parking lot to be rescued by a second bus.

At least I got to meet a hot fireman who was working the crash. 

Had the Best View in Austin

Hilton in downtown Austin View

Can you spot Willie? He’s there, I promise.

I went to Austin to watch my two baby cousins while their parents attended a Christmas party. We went full on Eloise at the Plaza and spent our evening at the Hilton in downtown Austin eating chocolate covered pretzels, calling the front desk, and admiring the massive Willie Nelson mural we could see from our window. The horses on 6th Street put on a pretty great show as well.

Took my Mom to “Prague”

czech cultural center la grange texas

Just as pretty as the real Prague….right?

My sister went to Prague in 2013 and hasn’t stopped gushing about it. I went in October and became equally obsessed. So now my mom really wants to visit. Prague was still inaccessible the last time she was in mainland Europe in 1978, so she missed it during her grand tour, and I couldn’t quite afford to fly her over — so I did the next best thing. I took her to Prague, Texas!

There are many, many Czechs in Texas (known as HOT (heart of Texas) Czechs) and so the Prague here is basically the same. Basically.

“Moved” my Sister to Corpus Christi

Selena Memorial Corpus Christi

The Queen and I

When I say moved, I really mean came to Corpus Christi over New Years to pay my respects to Selena and took a conveniently timed nap when the moving truck arrived so I wouldn’t have to help unload anything. I’m the worst.

My 2017 in review was full of great adventures! Here’s what is in store for 2018:


Fort Worth to see the famous stockyards and hopefully pet a longhorn.


Taking a great Southwest road trip with my mom to include the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley so that I can run, Forrest, run.


Moving to Australia on a Work and Holiday visa.


I’d love to go to Fiji for my birthday, as well we Bali while I’m on that side of the world. I hope it works out!

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2017 year in review