These funny Snapchat captions are the light of my life.

I recently took a surprise trip to Boston and finally convinced my girlfriends that we needed to visit the MFA in Boston. Easily accessible via the T’s Green Line, the MFA Boston houses an impressible collection of art from ancient to modern… but y’all know I can’t go to a museum without taking some Snapchats.

So, I present to you Funny Snapchat Captions: Museum of Fine Arts Boston Edition.


Looking back at 2016 like:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

The perks of being a baby:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you run out of hands:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When your dating life isn’t going well:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you’re Sutton Foster and need a job on broadway:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

Me when I die:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you’re dating an art history major:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you said you’d give up sugar for the new year:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

Alternatively: every 28 days for 8 days

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you realize you shouldn’t have gone into education: 

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

Your boyfriend be like:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When I say “I went to a women’s college:”

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

When you live in Fiji but have NBA dreams:

funny Snapchat captions MFA Boston Snapchats

Do y’all have any funny Snapchat captions to share? If so, tweet them to me @ShesATripBlog 

And make sure to check out the rest of the Art History Snapchats series here. 

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Museum of Fine Arts Boston Snapchats


Are you heading out on a quick Boston trip? My 48 hours in Boston itinerary will walk you through everything you need to know about hitting the highlights of Beantown, including where to eat and the best things to do in Boston.

I recently spent a whirlwind 48 hours in my favorite city and can’t wait to share my tips!  getting ready for the airport

I went to college 1,809 miles away from home at a small liberal arts school nestled in the Pioneer Valley called Mount Holyoke. So, given the distance, after my May 2015 graduation I wasn’t sure when I would be able to return.

That is until I got a frantic text from my friend Cassidy in late December.

Apparently, literally every other member of my friend group was meeting up in Boston to surprise our friend Brittney as a late Christmas gift and I was the only one not coming. Was there any way I could be there?

Yeah sure, let me just buy a ticket to Boston less than two weeks before departure for a trip lasting roughly 48 hours.

Except that’s exactly what I did.

And while I spent most of my time lying on apartment floors giggling with my girlfriends, if you want to do a quick Boston trip and still see all the sights, it’s completely possible.

See also:

Arrive in Boston. Logan airport is only about a ten minute Uber from downtown, so if you are staying centrally, it’s easy to drop off your luggage and start the Freedom Trail right away.

I’d been to Boston so many times that I skipped the historical bit this go around and chose a tasty meal at Quincy Market instead, but even if you’re not into the “birth of American freedom” it’s hard not to get pumped up about it in Boston. Seriously. Every time I’m there I want to punch a redcoat in the throat or something.

Boston Freedom Trail

Baby She’s a Trip at the Old North Church (1 if by land…2 if by sea) circa 2010.

Quick Boston Trip

Reenacting the Boston Massacre in 2010 (look how little I was!)

After you’ve had your fill of history, make sure to explore Boston’s harbor and have a lobstah or two, or maybe even a nice bowl of clam chowda.

  • Quick Boston Trip Day 2

 The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is a must see even if you don’t like art. Be sure to check out these art history snapchats, as they might change your mind.

MFA Boston Snow

Snow day at the MFA

MFA Boston


See also:

On this quick Boston trip, I may or may not have used my three hours there in a futile attempt to avoid the snowstorm going on outside (two years in the south really decreased my tolerance for the stuff).

The museum is also nestled near the famous South End, so if you like old brick buildings and cute Instagrams, then this is the area for you.

Friends being classy AF and taking in Renaissance art

After exploring the museum, feel free to pop over to Cambridge to pahk ya cahr in Harvahd Yahd, or Fenway if you want to watch the Red Sox lose (again).

  • Quick Boston Trip Day 3 (Bonus Day!)

If you’d like to extend your 48 hours in Boston, you might take some time to venture out into Lexington and Concord (where the shot heard round the world was fired), Salem (to try some witches), or even Plymouth (to see the hella underwhelming Plymouth Rock).

Plymouth Rock is Small

#Selfie with Plymouth Rock in late 2014…which as you can see is small and disappointing.

  • General Advice for Flying Standby with United 

Of course, I was having so much fun with my college girlfriends that I didn’t want to come home, so when United said my flight was overbooked, I was nearly delirious with joy. When the gate agent announced that he was offering $600 travel vouchers, I don’t think I had ever moved so fast.

Unfortunately, I learned a harsh lesson about volunteering to be bumped off your flight. It was the first time I did it, so I assumed that since I was first in line to volunteer, they would call me over when they needed me, but that wasn’t the case.

As I was minding my own business in the gate area, texting my friends to make sure they didn’t wander too far so we could all enjoy my hotel room courtesy of United Airlines, the girl who had been behind me acted like a total vulture and hovered around the desk.

Mon petite croissant – a lovely friend I wish I had more time with.

Because she was right in the agent’s eye line, she got the upgrade when he realized the flight was full. I walked over to hear her get a $600 travel voucher, $10 dinner voucher, free night at the Embassy Suites Boston, and a 1st class ticket in the morning.

That was supposed to be mine!

I was furious, but I learned my lesson: all’s fair when there’s a $600 travel voucher on the line.

So if you volunteer to be bumped off your flight, stand by the desk until your voucher is in your hand.

I did shed some tears on the flight home, but I’m unsure if they were exhaustion from a whirlwind weekend, disappointment that I was ROBBED of my $600 voucher, or simply because I missed my friends.

But at least I’m headed back to Boston in May!

Wagamama in Boston

P.S. Did y’all know they have WAGAMAMA in Boston? I about flipped my lid. The UK chain is one of the best places to eat in Boston.

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quick boston trip 48 hours in boston itinerary