This is my fourth year as a travel blogger and my third year doing a end of year wrap up. It’s also the first year I’ve been traveling “full time, ” so I’m at a bit of a loss at how to format this. How do you chronicle your trips… View Post

If you have an extra day in the city, these short trips from Sydney (on a budget!) feature some of the best beaches, mountains, and lookouts in the area. Most will take you less than an hour to reach from the CBD (Central Business District, it’s what Aussies call downtown)… View Post

Looking for things to do in Sydney in winter? Because the seasons are flipped in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s likely that it’ll be chilly during your “summer” trip from the USA, Canada, or Europe. While it’s nice to know that unlike other parts of Australia, Sydney doesn’t get too TOO… View Post

Wondering what to wear in Sydney during the winter? Here’s a packing list for Australia to help you out. What To Wear in Sydney during the Winter Before moving to Australia, I was cautioned about two things: its cost of living and its sheer size. “Budget extra time and money,”… View Post