Australia Gets Cold! Here’s What To Wear in Sydney during the Winter

Wondering what to wear in Sydney during the winter? Here’s a packing list for Australia to help you out.

What To Wear in Sydney during the Winter

Before moving to Australia, I was cautioned about two things: its cost of living and its sheer size. “Budget extra time and money,” all the guidebooks warned. But guess what they all forgot? WINTER! So much for sunny Australia…ya girl is a popsicle. I didn’t have many Sydney winter outfits when I first got here. It’s my number one regret. 

what to wear in Sydney during the winter packing list Australia

And, given that North American and European summer and Australian winter coincide, it’s likely that when you visit, it’ll be chilly, so here’s what to wear in Sydney during the winter (so you’re not freezing like I am 90% of the time):

Pullovers to keep things easy

Winter in Sydney is eerily similar to “wear a sweater in the morning, but leave it in the car at lunch because you’re roasting, but you’ll turn into a popsicle at dinnertime without it” season in the Northern Hemisphere. Having a pullover is a great option because you can slide it on and off throughout the day, depending on how you feel.

Here are a few Sydney winter pullovers to try out:

Tights to warm you up

Tights have been lifesavers for me!

I brought lots of sundresses and shorts with me, assuming that living in Australia would be like living in a perpetual oven. I was so wrong.

So, if your plan is to be in Sydney for a few days (or weeks!) and then trek to warmer parts of the country (like Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef or the Outback for Uluru), feel free to bring those warm weather clothes — just bring some tights to pop on underneath while you’re in the south.

Here are a few Sydney winter wear tights to try out:

Scarves as a fun accessory 

Not just a fashion statement, when planning what to wear in Sydney during the winter, scarves are actually pretty functional. A fun scarf will not only keep you warm in the perilous wind tunnels of the CBD, but can also make the outfit you spent all day exploring in suitable for a night out in Newtown, too! 

Here are a few fun scarves to try out:

Camis for layering

Layers y’all. All about the layers. Not only can wearing an undershirt keep you warmer on a rainy Sydney night, but they’ve also been known to help shirts fit better and (in the words of my fave, Tan France) “elevate your look.”

Here are a few Sydney winter fashion options to try out:

Boots to keep your toes warm and dry

What to wear in Sydney during the winter? Not flip flops (or thongs, as the Aussies call them…lol) or your trusty Birkenstocks. That’s for sure. It’s cold. It’s rainy. You want to keep your toes from getting frostbite. I’ve been living in my boots since I arrived down under and would suggest the same for you if you visit in the winter months.

Here are a few best shoes for Sydney to try out:

Dark jeans to fit in

Sydney is this really weird mix of New York and California.

I thought it was going to be all about laid-back surfer vibes, and bits of it are, but there’s still a thrumming intensity that echoes around the palm trees. Everyone in the CBD looks so important in their suits and pencil skirts, and since traveling abroad is all about embracing a new culture, you’ll want to bring a dark pair of jeans to fit in with the local fashionistas. Rocking your regular baby blue jeans will make you stick out like a sore thumb…a sore foreign thumb.

Here are a few to try out:

Sydney Winter Fashion FAQ

Here are a few things to know about what to wear in Sydney during the winter: 

What’s the average temperature in Sydney during the winter? 

Be sure to check the Sydney weather before you leave, but here are a few facts to get you started packing for Sydney: 

Month High / Low (°F) Average Rainy days
June 63° / 49° 8 days
July 63° / 47° 6 days
August  65° / 48 5 days

Is winter in Sydney the best time to visit? 

Yes, you might be a little bit chilly, but I’ve always thought it’s best to visit Sydney (and Australia in general!) during the winter. But really, it’s because I’m a hater. You can read more about the best Time to Visit Sydney right here.

Is there anything to do in Sydney during the winter?

Yes! Sydney comes alive in the colder months. While you can’t sunbathe (well, you can if you’re really brave tbh), the city puts on a great show for those who stop by in the off-season. You can read more about Things To Do in Sydney in Winter right here. 

Do you recommend any winter day trips from Sydney?

I certainly do! The winter weather in NSW is much the same as it is in Sydney, but sometimes even colder up in the mountain areas. Dress warm, and enjoy. You can read more about fun winter day trips to take from Sydney right here. 

If I want to travel the rest of Australia in the winter, is that a good idea?

Yes, it’s a brilliant idea. Winter in Australia is magical and the farther north you go, not quite as cold. The Sydney winter outfits you have will serve you well all the way up the coast. Check out my Sydney to Cairns Road Trip for more ideas on how to enjoy winter in Australia. 

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what to wear in Sydney during the winter packing list Australia


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  1. Kerry
    June 21, 2018 / 1:12 PM

    Good suggestion about the scarves. They’re nice because you can wear them in so many different ways!

  2. Regina
    May 7, 2019 / 1:46 PM

    Lovely post! I’m heading to Sydney this June for my birthday and it’d be my first ever solo travel and ooops plane rider and WINTER!!! Ahhhh your post is a lot of help.. am gonna subscribe now! Thanks heaps! Stay pretty! <3

    • August 30, 2019 / 9:46 PM

      Hi Regina! I hope your trip was soooo much fun : )

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