Creating the perfect travel kit for women is an art. But luckily I’ve suffered through enough trips that I was woefully unprepared for to put together this list of essential travel supplies so you don’t end up like me:

In Salzburg, Austria covered in 70+ bedbug bites, itchy, in pain from the most massive blisters known to mankind on your toes, and crying because your hostel roommates are snoring to beat the band.

Study Abroad Bucket List: The Ultimate European Scavenger Hunt

In Salzburg. Pretending to be rested.

Here Are 8 Essential Travel Supplies that MUST Be in Your Travel Kit for Women

You can click the name of each item to grab it off of Amazon.

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Diva Cup

travel kit for women Dealing your period on vacation in windsor

Smiling and bleeding at Windsor Castle, June 2015.

The Diva Cup is a lifesaver for traveling women and it’s one of the essential travel supplies I can’t do without. It saves me room in my luggage when I’m trying to pack light (one Diva Cup VS a whole box of tampons + a few backup pads…you get the picture) AND I don’t have to worry about ever running out of period supplies on the road because it’s reusable.

Seriously. Why aren’t you using the Diva Cup yet?

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Ear Plugs

Study Abroad Bucket List: The Ultimate European Scavenger Hunt

In Rome. September 2017. Smiling cause I slept alone at my old study abroad campus.

Snoring triggers me like no other. I can’t even be in the room with a heavy breather when I’m trying to sleep. I’ve also never stayed in a hostel where one of my roommates wasn’t snoring. I typically try to ignore it, send them death lasers with my eyes from across the dark room, or sleep with an ASMR video turned all the way up on my phone.

But the noise from the video ends up hurting my ears and it’s not comfortable to sleep with earbuds in anyway. So now I use ear plugs.

Any proper travel kit for women should sport a few pairs of foam ear plugs. Don’t forget them unless you don’t feel like sleeping on your trip.

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Achetomeniphen / Paracetamol

travel kit for women Costa Rican Arenal Airbnb

Arenal, Costa Rica. May 2017. About to get so sunburned that I popped pills like it was my job.

Period pain. A stress headache because you misread the boarding monitor and now you’re on the completely wrong train. Aching feet from climbing a mountain in the Costa Rican rainforest. Achetomeniphen (sometimes called Paracetamol…but more commonly referred to as Tylenol) has got your back.

Don’t skimp on the travel size. Bring the full bottle. If your trips unfold anything like mine do (aka ordeals you have to consciously turn into adventures) then you’re gonna need the entire thing.

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Band Aids

Study Abroad Bucket List: The Ultimate European Scavenger Hunt

Athens, March 2014. My feet hurt real bad.

Cuts, scrapes, blisters, and the like are inevitable when traveling. Save yourself the hassle of having to pop out and hunt some band aids down in India, France, or the Maldives. Just pack a few in your expertly crafted travel kit for women and take the stress out of it.

I also may or may not be including this on the list because I had the worst blisters known to man on my trip to London last fall, so I bought some band aids at Boots, but they turned out to be worthless. Seriously. It was like taping paper onto my feet.

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Mole Skin

travel kit for women essential travel supplies

London. Pretending to have functional feet.

England. September 2017. I’m limping down a train platform at half five in the morning in East Mosley because I have the biggest blisters known to man on each of my toes and the pads of my feet. I wanted to look “Euro Chic” for my grand tour and forwent sensible walking shoes for cute booties. Big mistake.

My limp was so pronounced that as I entered the packed train, a woman got up out of the seat marked for disabled people and offered it to me.

When I arrived at Gatwick airport, I paid nearly £30 for a pair of flip flops to ease my pain, but instead only got two new pairs of blisters rubbed between my toes.

If only I’d had some moleskin, a heavy cotton fabric that goes a long way to prevent blisters in the first place.

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Chafing Protection

Study Abroad Bucket List: The Ultimate European Scavenger Hunt

Another way to avoid chafing: literally just wear pants. Vienna. October 2017.

All human women should have chafing protection with them while traveling. Most of us have legs. They rub together when we walk. It burns. It makes us look like penguins as we try to avoid the stinging by waddling around. Just pop some chafing protection in your travel kit for women and you’ll be grand.

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Anti-itch Cream

travel kit for women essential travel supplies

A few of my bed bug bites.

Those 70+ bedbug bites I mentioned? Do you know how much better my life would have been if I just had some anti-itch cream with me from the onset?

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get a staph infection from how much I tore at my skin. I spent like €15 at a pharmacy in Munich trying to relieve the itch, but that was after nearly a week of being itchy and miserable.

So whether you run into ants, bed bugs, mosquitos, or even another traveler covered in bug bites (sharing is caring!), anti-itch cream is always a good thing to have on hand.

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Peppermint Foot Lotion

Study Abroad Bucket List: The Ultimate European Scavenger Hunt

What it feels like to use peppermint foot lotion. Marrakech, Morocco. February 2014.

I’m all about foot care, if you can’t tell.

I think that happy feet are quite literally the foundation for a good trip. If you’ve followed my advice above and purchased band aids, moleskin, and Achetomeniphen / Paracetamol for your trip, your feet should be quite happy. But sometimes, after a long day of exploring, they still need a good rub to be fully functional the next day.

So make sure to grab some peppermint foot lotion before your next adventure. The scent is cool and invigorating. You can thank me later.

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travel kit for women essential travel supplies

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These useful travel gifts for women are sure to be a hit!

Wondering what to get the girl on the go in your life? Look no farther.

I’ve specially curated this list of the best travel gadgets to make sure her next solo adventure, girls trip, or romantic getaway is her best one yet. Or, if you’re looking to #TreatYoSelf instead, then go right ahead, girl.

This is a guilt free zone.

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Here are the top 12 most useful travel gifts for women.

Anti-theft Backpack 
best travel backpack theft proof best travel backpack theft proof useful travel gifts

Ain’t no body trying to get their stuff stolen. This super chic anti-theft backpack is sure to keep valuables secure and WITH YOU so you can enjoy the views instead of keeping your eyes out for shady people at all times. It’s more of the most useful travel gifts for women out there.

NOTE: the super cool anti-theft features of this backpack (like duel zippers and slash-proof fabric) are not a substitute for common sense. Please continue to use yours.

 Compression Shorts                                                   

compression shorts for girls useful travel gifts

Compression shorts for women are like literal manna from heaven okay. If you’re a normal human woman and your thighs rub together when you walk (like mine do) these lovely things will save you from raw thighs. Seriously. Compression shorts are one of the best ways to prevent chafing.

Just pop them on under your sundress (so you can still get cute Instagrams obviously) and you’re all set for hours of pain-free walking.

Compression Shorts (Bermuda Style)

compression shorts for girls useful travel gifts

If you’re looking for a chafing solution that’s a little more LONG term (see what I did there), then you’ll want to go for these Bermuda style compression shorts for better coverage.

Traveling involves so much walking that there have been times even my knees started to chafe. These always come in handy.

Diva Cup

Travel with Diva cup useful travel gifts

Okay y’all: the Diva cup is one of the best travel gifts for women out there. Seriously. You might think it’s a little weird to give a period product as a present. But trust me, dealing with your period on vacation is the WORST and this thing is an absolute life saver.

All the Diva Cup reviews are pretty much amazing and it will make that time of the month the best time to travel. I’ve been using mine for nearly nine months now and have zero, ZERO complaints. It keeps you free to do things like Meet Eddie Redmayne or stand in line at Wimbledon all day without having to worry about bleeding all over yourself.

A++ would recommend.

See also:

Go Girl Portable Urinary Bathroom Device

peeing while camping useful travel gifts

Do you or you girlfriend hate camping? I do…because peeing in the woods is number 3 on my top 10 things I hate doing list. BUT, camping is essentially free accommodation, so the Go Girl stand to pee device can help everyone face their fears and pee freely.

The cool travel gadget also comes in handy when you’re faced with a dread squat toilet. This is one of the most useful travel gifts you can get a woman.

It does take some practice to get used to, so don’t bust it out for the first time in a life or death situation.

Literally the Coolest Shoes Ever 

shoe travel wallet useful travel gifts

 I don’t usually carry a purse, which leaves me wide open to set something important down (like my wallet) and never pick it up again. Luckily, these shoes literally have a WALLET INSIDE OF THEM. How cool is that? It makes them one of the best travel gifts for women because it gives us one less thing to worry about.

If pink isn’t your thing, no worries. They come in different colors, too.

Portable iPhone Charger 

portable iphone charger cheap useful travel gifts

This portable charger is a life-saver. It’s a great travel gift idea because your jetsetter can Snapchat her adventures to her heart’s content without needing to worry about finding a wall plug to charge her phone.

I use this one, and I can usually get a full charge, sometimes a charge and half, out of it.

Quick Dry Towel 

best travel gifts useful travel gifts

I’ve been using quick dry towels since high school. They hardly take up any space in your luggage (#TeamCarryOn) and function exactly as advertised. They seem to dry instantly, so you’ll never have to stuff a wet towel into your backpack again. Woo woooooo.

RFID Blocking Wallet

cute theft proof wallet useful travel gifts

This is the ideal gift for moms who travel. You know, the ones who are up on all the latest scams. APPARENTLY, there are bad men out there who will stand behind you at the museum and scan your credit cards through your normal, flimsy wallet to steal the $5.90 in your account that you were hoping to buy dinner with.

Don’t go hungry. Get this wallet.

Selfie Stick

best selfie stick useful travel gifts

Every solo female traveler needs a selfie stick. Judge all you want, but how can you get cute Instagrams like my girl Alyssa over at MyLifesATravelMovie without a selfie stick? Always relying on other people to take your photo is a no go, because they usually won’t turn out how you want them.

Just you know…be careful with it.

Don’t be this guy. 

Slash-proof purse

cute theft proof purse useful travel gifts

Getting your purse stolen is a major downer. You’ve heard the horror stories: a man on a motorcycle yanks your purse off your shoulder and rides away into the sunset cackling. Things like that do happen. You wanna invest in a cross-body, slash-proof purse to protect your valuables abroad.

Luckily, this one comes in different colors and is actually cute. A lot of bags like this can be P ugly. Avoid those.

This is literally one of the most useful travel gifts for women simply because it’s not ugly AF.

TSA-approved Shampoo Holders 

cheap TSA liquids bag useful travel gifts

This cheap TSA liquids bag is probably one of the best travel gadgets you can get because it will actually save you money in the long run.

Instead of buying travel sized toiletries for each trip you take, you can just use these containers to bring what you already own with you. Just don’t leave yours at a friend’s house in Germany like I did. Or you’ll be sad. And have greasy hair.

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Top 12 Useful Travel Gifts for Women


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item via these links (or in the same session) I get some cash money, at no extra cost to you. You can learn more in my Privacy Policy.