I met Eddie Redmayne in London. Here’s how it went down.

I thought I was in for a simple night at the theater, but I was so wrong. My sister and I saw The Importance of Being Earnest at the Vaudeville in London’s West End because it’s one of my favorite plays. Apparently it’s one of Eddie’s, too.

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I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings

I met Eddie Redmayne at the Vaudeville Theatre in London. Here is me outside with the sign.

I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings

A scene from Act II

That’s when the magic began.

We had the absolute worst seats. Like in-the-very-last-row-on-the-top-level-in-the-corner worst. Since it was a Monday night, the theater wasn’t completely full so we were hoping to upgrade. Thankfully, we didn’t have to sneak down because the usher had pity on us and moved us forward about ten rows.

There was a group of American teenagers directly behind our new seats, and since Americans are so bloody loud it was impossible not to eavesdrop.

“Yeah, she said she saw Eddie Redmayne downstairs.”


That’s literally what I said though. It’s like I lost control of my body. I heard his name, my head whipped around, and my mouth moved on its own.

The guy behind me continued, “my friend said she saw Eddie Redmayne downstairs. It’s just a rumor…but it’s probably a TRUEmor.” I felt an instant camaraderie with the guy, 1. because he’s #MyFellowAmerican, but also because of his A++ wordplay.

The show had two intermissions, and since I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I was probably in the same building as an Oscar-winning actor, I stayed in my seat for the entirety of the first one. Thankfully, my new American pals did not.

“We saw him downstairs,” one told (what I assumed to be) his dad.

“Omg, a celebrity sighting!”

Normally, a middle-age man actually saying “omg” out loud in a public place would seem weird to me, but by now I was too excited to care. I could hardly pay attention to the second act at all. While I didn’t want to seem like a creepy stalker, I did want to at least see Eddie – so by the second intermission I’d made up my mind to find him.

I started my search in the bar, but didn’t see him, so I did the most awkward thing possible and walked around all the different levels of the theater trying to be nonchalant while looking for him. Defeated, I checked the bar one last time and then…

I saw him.

He looked so good I wanted to throw up. I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings

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I was as being super shady as you can tell from the couple above’s faces (shoutout to that random man for posing for me!)but I figured since Eddie was in the VIP section behind the rope, these stalker pictures were all I was going to get – especially because the bell for the play’s recommencement began ringing shortly after I entered the bar.

So there I was: standing in the middle of the bar, trying to take stealthy pictures of Eddie Redmayne whilst awkwardly eating the tiny, five-pound ice cream I had purchased so I wouldn’t look out-of-place, and then (bless them) these two sweet ladies asked me who I was taking pictures of.

I can’t remember what I actually said, but it was, essentially, “Omg my fave: Eddie Redmayne.”

As soon as I’d said it, his squad started walking towards the exit (which I was standing by) and my two new friends egged me on.

“Go on then, ask him for a photo!!!”

So, as he passed and his delicious cologne wafted over me (Was it Tom Ford? Armani? That black candle from Bath & Body Works?), I plucked up my courage:

“Mr. Redmayne?”

He paused and looked over at me. 

“Sorry to bother you, but I’m a huge fan. Can I have a photo?”

He smiled and was like, “Yes, of course!” and leaned over to pose.

I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings

After I took it, my freak flag was trying to fly itself because once again my mouth just opened and starting talking.

 “Your work in The Theory of Everything was excellent!” I gushed. Okay, I’m sure it was…but I haven’t even seen that movie??

Thank the Lord Jesus almighty he didn’t ask me anything about it, but simply said,”Oh, thank you so much. Hey, enjoy the show!”

Then after I squeaked, “Thanks, you too,” he and his lil posse walked away, leaving me in a fragile emotional state. 

It was sweet, short (much like him…my goodness is he tiny in person), but perfect. I still can’t believe I met Eddie Redmayne in London because he decided to see the same play as me, and the kind usher let my sister and me move rows so I overheard those rowdy Americans talking about him.

Have you ever met Eddie Redmayne? Or randomly run into a celebrity? Tell me in the comments!

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I met Eddie Redmayne in London London Celebrity Sightings

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