Tucked up behind the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square is the testament of Great Britain’s well, greatness: the National Portrait Gallery. I spent two glorious hours wandering its hallowed halls and, due to my inability to focus on reading wall labels, came up with my own in the form of these glorious Art History Snapchats.

1.) When you have to go to work the day after a holiday.

Art History Snapchats 1

2.) When your mom thinks you’ll grow out of being 1DAF. Art History Snapchats 2

3.) When you think the fight is over but they whisper something. Art History SnapChats 3

4.) When someone ugly calls you their twin. Art History SnapChats 4

5.) When your broke friend promises they’ll pay you back. Art History SnapChats 5

6.) When you catch bae looking through your phone. Art History SnapChats 6

7.) When he says he’s voting for Donald Trump. Art History SnapChats 7

8.) When you’re a dog and you’re bacon AF.

Art History SnapChats 8

 9.) When you want to be swole, but still rock them skinny jeans. Art History SnapChats 9

10.) When you’re headed to the funeral of that girl you hate. Art History SnapChats 10

11.) When you’re the Queen of England and feeling adorbs. Art History SnapChats 11

Have you ever created any Art History Snapchats? If so, I’d love to see them! Leave them in comments, or Tweet them to me @ShesATripBlog. If not, get snapping!
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Art History Snapchats