The first time I was tired of traveling was in Paris in May of 2014. I had been in Europe since January on a semester abroad in Rome, taking weekend trips and seeing iconic cities like Venice, Athens, and Istanbul for the first time. When my semester ended, I met… View Post

This post is a part of my Black Hills Road Trip Series  The Mission of Crazy Horse Memorial South Dakota is to protect and preserve the culture, tradition and living heritage of the North American Indians. The looming and luminous Crazy Horse Memorial is both the companion and antithesis of nearby Mount Rushmore. Both… View Post

A Mount Rushmore vacation is an American rite of passage and great introduction to the country for foreign tourists. You get a good dose of American history as the “beautiful for spacious skies” you hear so much about. My Black Hills road trip was one of the best adventures I’ve… View Post

This post is a part of my Black Hills Road Trip Series  Devils Tower National Monument is a geographic and historic wonder nestled in the Bear Lodge Mountains of northeastern Wyoming, an extension of the Black Hills. It makes a great day trip from Rapid City, South Dakota and many… View Post

This post is a part of my Black Hills Road Trip Series  The draw of the Four Corners is that you can be in four states at the same time. In fact, my right index finger has done exactly this. The draw of Belle Fourche, South Dakota is that you… View Post