Oh, Uber drivers. You come across some crazy characters when traveling. You can learn a lot from people when you least expect it, if you only take a moment to listen. Everyone, even people you meet in passing, has a story to tell. I’ve met some of the most interesting people… View Post

Sometimes tight airline connections sneak up on you! You thought you had two full hours to grab a bite to eat and wander to your next gate, but then your first flight has a mechanical delay and suddenly you have 30 minutes gate to gate. Sometimes airline’s minimum connection times… View Post

Looking to discover more diverse travel blogs for women? You’re in the right place! There’s definitly a ubiquity of identity in the travel blogging community. Every time I click on my Discover Page on Instagram, it’s filled with white, able-bodied, straight women. And more power to them! I’m proud of their success… View Post

Traveling with braces? You might feel a little worried about leaving home with a mouth full of metal, but there’s no need to be. Whether you’re traveling with family or taking a buisness trip on your own, going on a trip during orthodontic treatment is easy to handle. Here’s how:… View Post

Creating the perfect travel kit for women is an art. But luckily I’ve suffered through enough trips that I was woefully unprepared for to put together this list of essential travel supplies so you don’t end up like me: In Salzburg, Austria covered in 70+ bedbug bites, itchy, in pain from the… View Post