My recent girls’ trip to Costa Rica was a beautiful disaster. It was my first time traveling to a non-European country as an adult and was the perfect storm of just enough under-planning, language barriers, physical weakness, and random accidents. But I still had the time of my life. Here’s… View Post

The 4K for Cancer is as intense as it sounds: 4,000 miles, coast to coast, to raise money for a cure. Riley (from theBikeDyke) and I met our first year at Mount Holyoke College through Project: Theatre, a student-run organization. We were in multiple plays together during our time there,… View Post

Have you ever tried to have brunch in an abandoned building? I did, at the Hungarian Embassy Washington DC. I was in DC for the inauguration and a quintessential thing to do there is crash an embassy for free alcohol. So, after spending the morning at the Women’s March, I… View Post

I went to the Black Tie and Boots Texas State Society Inaugural Ball in January 2017. Here’s what happened: Texans are my favorite kind of people, so it’s a good thing I spent inauguration eve with nearly 10,000 of them. I’ve gained a little weight since college, so my red… View Post

Looking for information on Tours of the Texas state Capitol? “Excuse me, sir? This is a private tour.” “This is the Texas State Capitol; I’m free to follow any tour I want.” “Yeah, free to follow any other tour.” Sass courtesy of my older sister Kerry. We were in Austin… View Post