Expanding Minds and Worlds: 8 Diverse Travel Blogs for Women

Looking to discover more diverse travel blogs for women? You’re in the right place!

There’s definitly a ubiquity of identity in the travel blogging community. Every time I click on my Discover Page on Instagram, it’s filled with white, able-bodied, straight women. And more power to them! I’m proud of their success and wish them more of it. But there is room for more voices in the conversation.

My Favorite Diverse Travel Blogs for Women

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I recognize that I also check some of these boxes and carry a lot of privilege with me on my travels. I’m a straight, white, able-bodied girl from Texas. The way I view the world, the way I experience travel, and how I am perceived by others is going to be very different from those with different identities.

For example, I have never been bullied online (or in person!) because of my race as many bloggers of color often are. My sexuality is not illegal in any country. I don’t have to think about the accessibility of tourist attractions or even managing a chronic illness on the road.

Because of this, it’s important for me to open myself up to the captivating, intelligent, and uplifting voices of people who experience this crazy life in very different ways than me.

Sometimes the voice my readers need to hear isn’t my own, so here’s a list of my favorite diverse travel blogs for women. I hope you all enjoy following their adventures as much as I do.

(I’m also always looking for new blogs to read — so let me know your favorites!)

Gloria Atanmo / The Blog Abroad

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What might take you two seconds to consume, could take me an hour to produce. But visual/digital expression is what I live for. These snapshots and moments I share with you guys is my way of packaging the joy and sentiments I feel about a place. I deliberately place myself in each photo because I want YOU to see yourself in my shoes. Not just a beautiful scene. But someone you know, in said scene and living their best life. As you can too. Being in your travel photos is the cheapest souvenir you could ever gift yourself. 10 years from now you get to see the joy and peace you wore so vibrantly while on that special trip. This walkway at The Amala leading to my villa is Japanese-inspired, and should have a sign encouraging all guests to do it #ForTheGram, because duh. 💁🏾 The Amala is a heady mix of life and leisure, with both an intimate and luxurious vibe to it. Malls, cafes, beaches, and the nightlife are all within walking distance of this resort and it's another gorgeous property to add to your list. Full tour of my villa on IG stories as well as #BTS scenes to get this shot! @lifestyleretreats || #TheAmala || #AffordableLuxury || #BeautifulHotels || #sponsored || #BambooBlonde

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Glo is hilarious. Her Instagram stories always leave me snorting with laughter. I feel like I’m right there with her trying to escape the women enforcing the “no-tripod zone” in Hong Kong, chortling over the housekeepers in Bali pointing her camera directly at her bed, or dancing while enjoying a night out in Sydney. When her little bubble pops up on top of my Instafeed, I know I’m in for an adventure.

Glo is also realistic. She gives actionable advice about how to travel on a budget, g(l)o with the flow, and what it’s like to be a woman of color traveling in certain countries and existing within the travel blogging community. She’s got expensive dreams with an affordable hustle.

Oneika Raymond / Oneika the Traveller

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I'm not "sassy". I just speak my mind. I'm not "mean". I'm just firm in my beliefs. And I'm not "angry" when I express dissent or call you out on your BS. My voice has always been direct, unwavering, and imbued with bass, you see. To all my ladies out there who have been called "bitchy", "headstrong" or worse: I hear, see, and feel you. I occupy that space daily. To all the women who have been labelled as "difficult" because they speak up and out, we're fluent in the same tongue. Continue to use your voice with confidence and without fear. I saw a quote from author Chimimanda Adichie that resonated with me strongly. In a recent interview, she told women “It’s not your job to be likable. It’s your job to be yourself". Wise words. My own advice is similar. Stay convicted and bold. Challenge the status quo. Own your unpopularity and use it to make an impact. Be the one who stands up when others can't or won't. And above all, always remember to honour yourself. ***** I wrote these words last year and they are just as true today as they were back then. At @womenstravelfest last weekend we discussed sexism in the travel industry and it made me reflect on my experiences over the years both as a travel journalist and in my past life as a teacher. I've been vilified, dismissed, discredited, and gaslighted by male colleagues because of my gender (as well as skin colour, penchant for being outspoken, age, appearance) and you know what? Time's up! Keep on being unapologetically you, ladies, fearlessly fierce, timelessly graceful and gorgeous. I support you. We support each other. We push forward. #womenshistorymonth . . . . . . 📸 @iamjamesanthony . . . . #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #meettheworld #girlaroundtheworld #loveantiguabarbuda #blackgirlmagic #iamtb #dametraveler #traveloffpath #sidewalkerdaily #travelnoire  #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #blacktravelfeed #girlsborntotravel #essencetravels #caribbeans #blackslayingit #dametraveler #worldnomads #beforeidie #soulsociety

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I like reading what Oneika has to say because she doesn’t mince words. She is bold, authentically herself, and addresses important topics with insight and grace. Her series “Traveling while Black” examines things like her experiences with prejudice and racism in specific locations and the best places for African American travelers to visit, as well as hair care tips for black women on the go and support for other influencers and causes within the travel community.

Oneika is also the expert on packing lightly and effectively. She even has a series for with the Travel Channel “One Bag and You’re Out.”

Lilo / Deafinitely without Barriers 

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So it looks like I am starting all over again. Starting over is never easy but sometimes you just have to do what’s right, not easy. I know I am a flawed human being who will keep making mistakes along the way but I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t go through all my experiences. My plans may have change but my love for travel and my goals to inspire others haven’t. The truth is I don’t know where I’m going but I can tell you that I am on my way wherever that may lead me. I’m excited for this new chapter of my life and it’s my hope that you will share this journey with me. Let the adventure begin ❤️ Once again, thank you for all of your love and support.

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Lilo’s A+ pun game is reason enough for you to follow her.  I had to pause for a good two minutes to let the cleverness of her blog’s name wash over me. If you are interested in learning about traveling while Deaf, traveling as a part of the LGBT community, as a bi-racial woman, and more, then you have a friend in Lilo.

She was also formerly a part of Deafinitely Wanderlust, another great site for Deaf, LGBT, and women of color travelers. I can’t wait to follow her adventures!

Meg and Lindsay / Dopes on the Road 

Meg and Lindsay are up for cutest couple of the century. Their blog is a “space dedicated to inspiring and equipping LGBT travelers to live a life of adventures.” They’ve put together dozens of resources for LGBT travelers ranging from honeymoon planning advice, safety tips, destination guides, and more!

I like reading Dopes on the Road because each post is so throughly researched and presented with great wit and commentary. If you have questions about life as an LGBT traveler, Dopes in a great place to start.

Alysia Kezerian / Wheelies around the World

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Some of my favorite role models, @chelsiehill and the @rollettes_la , started a movement to educate the world on just how independent, self-sufficient and BOUNDLESS wheelchair users actually are. Many media outlets have referred to myself, these women, and many others who live their lives in wheelchairs as “wheelchair-bound” when that is actually anything but the truth. 1- Ya girl is definitely not bound to this chair. 2- Ya girl is DEFINITLEY not limited by this chair by any means. Thank you so much to these women for educating the world on proper/updated terminology and for showing people of all abilities just how active and independent we truly are. So now I’m calling on all of YOU to help them take this movement worldwide! I know there are wheelie friends on here from countries all over the world so it would be SO cool to see each and every one of you posting a pic of yourself doing whatever it is you like to do and 1- use the hashtag #BeBoundless18 2- tag @rollettes_la 3- tell/show everyone how very capable you are 💁🏻‍♀️ And definitely check out the link in bio to learn more about the @rollettes_LA and all of the dope stuff they're doing. #wheeliesaroundtheworld

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Alysia started Wheelies around the World to document her own travels as a person who uses a wheelchair and share tips on how others could do the same, but it quickly grew into a community of thousands of people sharing their experiences and chasing their dreams.

You can also follow Alysia on her personal Instagram here.

Kiona / How To Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch 

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TEXAS • In the past couple days, I’ve been getting, “Why do you live in Texas? All I think of are White people with guns, I’m scared.” • MIRA. First of all, Selena. • 2. Beyoncé. • 3. Texas USED TO BE Mexico before these White settlers drew an arbitrary line and was like we are our own country now. Like @chamillionaire said “IM FROM TEXAS…everything I do has included a Mexican in every aspect.” • 4. Speaking of Chamillionare, all your favorite rappers like @champagnepapi, @asaprocky, etc were influenced by TEXAS TRAP: Bun B, Slim Thug, Play N Skillz, Lil Keke, Z-Ro. • 5. Texas is a top 4 state in presence of Asian-Americans. • 6. No state tax. I like to keep my coins. The recession never even touched Texas, jobs are endless. • 7. Most beautiful National Park I’ve ever been to: @bigbendnps • 8. Texas doesn’t vote red. The state turns red during elections, but when you break it down, all the major cities: Houston, Dallas, Austin, were all blue in the last election. • So idk man. You don’t have to visit, but don’t erase our very BROWN PRESENCE with some country White people who I don’t even know cause I don’t hang out with them.

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I feel a special kinship with Kiona because she’s my fellow Texan and also shares my love for Selenas. She also calls out basicness in all its forms and leaves me in stitches with tears in my eyes with her quippy writing style.

Her blog is also one of my favorites to read because of her “Perspectives” series in which she offers a platform to “share in experiences by walking in someone else’s shoes to create understanding and connect the world through empathy.” Topics have included “Traveling while Black,” “Long Distance Love Stories,” “Traveling while Queer*” and more.

It’s my go-to place to find new diverse travel blogs for women to follow!

Naomi / Probe around the Globe

Naomi is a blogger from the Netherlands (where my brother-in-law is from, so she’s already scored major points with me!). She’s extremely well-traveled and her blog is full of comprehensive travel guides for countries all over the globe.

She writes about traveling solo, traveling as a couple, and traveling with a chronic illness, from both her perspective, and through the insights of others via a series of guest posts. If you are looking for resources on this, she’s a great place to get started.

Sally / Passport and Plates 

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Happy International Women's Day! Today, we celebrate women. All women. Hi, my name is Sally and I'm a bossy bitch (although my friends call it being "sassy" and "Sassy Sally" has such a fun ring to it). These are words I'm proud to associate myself with, because they represent the type of woman I want to be: one who is powerful, who chases dreams, who doesn't take no for an answer. But growing up, these were not words I would have wanted to be associated with. And this is precisely why I think empowering women is SO important. So many little girls look up to the supermodels and reality TV stars of the world, rather than the STEM scientists and the artists. They're told that they can't do certain things because of their gender. Growing up, I never would have imagined that I'd one day be able to travel solo because there are so many cultural rules about living life unless you're married. Many of these cultural ideologies are changing, slowly but surely. But they are only changing because there are women out there breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and fighting for equality. So today and everyday, let's ALL work together to empower women to become the best, badass version of themselves 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #PressForProgress #IWD2018 #internationalwomensday

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Sally’s tagline, “Travel and dine sans spirits and swine” gets me every time I read it. I’m a sucker for rhymes and it’s just so dang clever. One quick warning about reading Passport and Plates: it’ll make you so hungry!

You can count on Sally for the inside scoop on food tours, cooking classes, and just overall good times the world over. She also has an important series called “Traveling while Muslim” which offers great tips for women looking for advice on how to travel while fasting or staying sober on the road.

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    Thank you for sharing!! I was just thinking the last weekend I wasn’t happy with my IG feed and needed more diversity. These are great accounts to follow!

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    A great blog and great IG’ers to follow.

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